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CUCS/PPOH Collaboration


Collaboration Details

To learn more about the CUCS/PPOH Collaboration, including the specific subject you selected to search, we encourage you to read the narrative submitted by this collaboration. It includes information related to the origins of the collaboration, its structure, impact, community response, and challenges faced along the way.

Click here to read this collaboration's narrative.

Collaboration Summary

Please note that all data below was derived from the collaboration's nomination for the Collaboration Prize. None of the submitted data were independently verified for accuracy.

Partners Center for Urban Community Services, Inc. (CUCS), New York, NY
Project for Psychiatric Outreach to the Homeless (PPOH), New York, NY
Type of Collaboration Merger - Fully integrated, including those with some brand independence retained
Geographic Scope City
Collaboration Focus Area Housing
Human Services
Mental Health
Populations served Economically Disadvantaged
People with Disabilities
Year collaboration was established 2003
Collaboration Prize Year 2009
Goals Sought Through Collaboration Improve the quality of services / programs
Improve programmatic outcomes
Serve more and/or different clients / audiences
Achieve administrative efficiencies
Maximize financial resources
Circumstances Prompting Collaboration Potential closure of one or more of the partnering organizations
Financial problems / pressures within one or more of the partnering organizations
Funder initiated / mandated
Initiators Board member(s)
Nature of Funder Involvement
Number of Participating Organizations 2
Were Partners Added or Dropped? No
Management Structure One Executive Director / CEO / President
Challenges Raising funds or integrating fund development to support the collaboration
Consultants NA
Organizational Efficiencies and Effectiveness Financial savings - Consolidation of staff positions
Financial savings - Consolidation of management / administration
Human resources - Shared and / or improved training and professional development
Human resources - Increased access to technical expertise (e.g. HR, Finance, IT)
Enhanced ability to manage reporting, documentation, billing
Community Impact Increase in number of clients / individuals / organizations served
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